Word to the easily offended – this site will include the occasional (read: littered with) expletive; totally justified and appropriate to the context (in my head at least) of course.

I’m Katy, currently 38 and living in the North Essex provinces. Mother of (must.resist.Game of Thrones.pun) an 8 year old daughter, recently married to Martin (my second husband – you know what they say about marry in haste? Take heed reader), who is equally music obsessed but immeasurably more mentally balanced than I; good job really or I’d be royally fucked. Helping run our restaurant and wine merchant in sunny Southend keeps me busy when I’m not scouring the internet for new music or the next big thing in alternative medicine (“wrap your head in this lesser known seaweed and watch all your mental and physical ailments just melt away” you say? I’ll have some of that).

You see, I suffer from chronic anxiety and panic attacks, along with a smattering of depression, a selection of irrational phobias and just a touch of OCD for good measure. It’s shit, no other word for it, well … actually, yes there are, quite a few – but we won’t go in to them now. The checklist of therapies/medication I’ve tried gets longer by the week but one thing with proven success I’ve found is a little irreverence; a bit of a “screw you, you twattish cockwomble”, two fingers up to the usurper in my brain.

And the other weapon in my armoury – music – prescribed in great quantities and many varieties. To be taken aurally (see what I did there) – live, digitally, vinylly (which, now I’ve written it down sounds like some sort of sexual perversion), no matter which. It’s not just a distraction, it has a positive effect on my emotions, stress levels, even the physical aspects (but this isn’t an academic blog, suffice to say music is good for us, pop over here if you want more info). As a result I spend an inordinate amount of time seeking out music old and new, listening to it, mixing it (a wonderful birthday present a few years ago were decks, that beats a bottle of perfume), going to see it, talking … and now writing about it.

So, this blog is essentially a collection of musings from/about my anxiety ridden brain, alongside my most recent musical discoveries. I hope you find it somewhat amusing, maybe even insightful at times, and of course I hope you find some damn good music that would have otherwise passed you by.


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