08/08/16 – Palm Trees & Gallic Funk

What I’ve Been Listening To:  ‘Safe & Sound’ by Justice

Release: Single    Release Date:  July ’16    Label:  Ed Banger Records    Rating:  7/10

justice safe and sound

It’s been 10 years since ‘We Are Your Friends’; Justice’s mix of Simian’s ‘Never Be Alone’, was released, and 5 years since their last release. A new album is in the pipeline for 2016, and it seems we’ve had our first taste of it in ‘Safe & Sound’. Justice are well known for their indie/rock remixes (e.g. Mystery Jets, Klaxons, Franz Ferdinand) but meander in and out of Nu-Disco, which is where they’re currently residing, think: heavy slap base guitar, soaring strings and an anthemic chorus (provided by The London Contemporary Orchestra and Mara Carlyle). This is a seamless and smile-inducing tune. Not overproduced, not contrived, very Justice. I look forward to the album.

Words from the Brain:


We just landed back from two weeks of all inclusive, waited on hand and foot, tropical island … now, what noun to use; “Paradise”, “Bliss”? I’d love to use one of those, I really would, but I’d be talking out of my arse.

Apart from monumentally screwing my back up the day we left for what was supposed to be the ultimate honeymoon (changing the water in the fishtank, that’s what you get for being a responsible pet owner) which put a dampener on things, it hadn’t even occurred to me when I was staring at the palm treed and white sanded island on the website that as soon as our water taxi from the mainland had chugged off, my little anxiety gremlin would whisper in my ear, “ohh dear, what if something catastrophic happens to either of you? 999 isn’t going to help you out now is it. And how could you be such an irresponsible parent? 4,300 miles is a long way to go if something terrible happens to Holly, which of course, you know, it will”.

This wasn’t helped by the regular power cuts the hotel experienced pretty much every night whilst I was lying there, eyes wide with nerves and jetlag. Now a normal, regular, you know – balanced – person would listen to the sounds of the waves lapping the sand and crickets chirruping away, uninterrupted by the hum of the aircon and think, “ahh, nature; pure, wild, calm” not “oh fuck, I’m going to have a heart attack and the bloody phone won’t even work” whilst I lay there visualising a globe with us, on this completely blacked out island, in the middle of the Atlantic (OK, so we were all of about a mile away from the mainland but anxiety doesn’t bother itself with facts).

So to summarise, back buggered, mind doing overtime, and just as a little added extra (buy two, get the third free) as soon as I stepped off the coach transfer from the airport I was hit by the oh so lovely feeling of vertigo which visits me every few months – 2 weeks now and going strong – just one of the wonderful outward symptoms of an anxious brain or something else? Answers on a postcard please.

I won’t go into the flight.



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